The first Xtreme triathlon in Asia-Pacific. 
Discover the beauty of Formosa.

27th NOVEMBER 2020

Formosa Xtreme Triathlon

A person who is extremely enthusiasm in something,

to a degree that some people find unreasonable.




3.8 km in the Xiuguluan River under New Changhong Bridge. It is the longest river in eastern Taiwan, and has abundant water all year round. The water temperature at the start point on race morning has been between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius.


180 km from Cawi Tribe, Taitung. Up riding to the apex through Highway 193, across Highway 11 to Provincial Highway 8 to Mount HeHuan, ending at transition zone (T2) in Baiyang Park.


43.4km from Bilu Giant Tree towards Taroko National Park, and to the top of Mount. Wuling. It is a half road half trail course. The finish line would be at the top on Mt. HeHuan.

Total distance: 227.2 km (141.2 mi)

Total elevation: 6,895m




The first extreme triathlon in Taiwan will be the unforgettable experiences of your life. Swimming in the frigid river of eastern Taiwan. Riding to the Mount HeHuan at 2,100m altitude and trail running through Taiwan top mountains to the Mount Wuling toward the finishing line. Elevation gain will almost 7,000m, it may be the toughest extreme triathlon in the world.

If the average Triathlon event is no longer satisfies the die-hard athlete, then “Formosa Xtreme Triathlon” will push yourself to the limit.

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