NOTE: The race manual will be published a few months before the race and all athletes will be notified.

You will need to understand these rules before registering for the event:

  • Support Crew: You MUST (no exceptions) have a support team of at least two person plus vehicle. This is essentially a self-supported race. Your support person will accompany you in the mountain section and so needs to be capable of assisting you.

  • The support is minimum one person and maximum two, and is limited to use one car only. That also implies transporting all necessary food and gear for the athlete.

  • As described in this guide, is only to be given by one person at a time wearing the support t-shirt and wristband.

  • Cut off times: Swim: 2h, Bike: 11:00h from the race start, Run: 15:30h from Bilu Tunnel Check Point (23.2km from the T2), 19:30h from the race start to finish the race.

  • Special Requirements: Full Triathlon Distances Result and Medical Certificate
    Triathletes need to climb nearly 7,000m to across the finish line. To make sure every triathlete has a perfect body condition. After registered in, please send a full triathlon distances result and medical certificate in the last six months to Team FXT will send a confirmation email in 7 working days to verify you are ready for race.

  • GPS Tracker is to be worn at all times from T1 onwards (note: not during the Swim) - this piece of equipment is vital for your safety as we can locate you at any point. The tracker will alert us of inactivity and we can send help.

  • Formosa Xtreme Triathlon is a DRAFT FREE race. You are not permitted to draft other competitors, nor are you allowed to have bike or vehicle drafting/pacing from your support team.

  • A yellow CE approved reflective vest needs to be available at all times during the race.

  • We reserve the right to alter the swim course to reflect weather, water and temperature conditions. 

  • You will need to carry compulsory equipment in the running sections. You MUST make sure you have all the kit needed. There are risks associated with the mountain run and you will need the compulsory equipment for your own safety. Be prepared to carry more than the minimum requirement to ensure your safety.

  • We reserve the right to change the course at any point for reasons of safety and safe management of people on the mountain. 

Please remember to bring your kit to registration.


It is mandatory for you to carry safety kit at all times as the run course is on trails, remote and at high altitude. Therefore, we need to you to have the following:

There is mandatory equipment that must be carried by the athlete during the run. There will be a compulsory check at registration and a secondary equipment check at T2 (everyone will be held for two minutes so do not panic or think others have an advantage).

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